Venue Highlight: Gorge Crest Vineyards

Gorge Crest Vineyards was one of my very first venues as a professional photographer and still remains to be one of my favorite venues off the Columbia River Gorge. It sits a few miles outside of Hood River in Underwood, Washington and really needs no introduction to how beautiful the space is. It has been featured in The Knot and holds The Hall of Fame badge, as well as in Wedding Wire as the winner multiple times of the Couple's Choice Awards. When you get a peek for yourself, you understand instantly what makes it so special.


In June I had the privilege of working with a few Hood River vendors to put together a shoot that could highlight the beauty of the gorge. I of course worked side by side with Samantha of StruckSured Interiors and Events, as well as Molly Ryan Floral, Riverhood Rentals, and Boda's Kitchen to create a summery dining table of our dreams. 


YES, if you're wondering, the food WAS amazing. And truly a treat to experience the style and expertise first hand of the ladies running Boda's Kitchen. And at this point, it is left unsaid that I am always impressed with the detail Samantha puts into all of her work. And that's not just limited to event planning! 

 Dress by  Elizabeth Dye

Dress by Elizabeth Dye

I am always excited to return to this stunning venue every year and look forward to being there again this August for Kristina and Tyler's celebration. To see that amazing view of Mt. Hood, and to experience such a breathtaking wedding in the sweet private vineyard is always a treat. If you've stumbled upon this blog and are looking for the perfect outdoor wedding venue near the gorge, I can tell you, you've found it!

WHY: My Thoughts On Photography


WHY? Because happy moments should last longer than a moment.

Because we need to feel good, and strong, and hopeful.

Because we have one life, so we deserve to remember what makes us happy.

Because I believe in investing in what gives you hope, and so do my clients.

Because humans crave connection and beauty, and I am no exception

I'll say it again and again every day if I have to. My job has purpose, and it's not just about clicking the shutter.

Passion + Wellness

Passion + Wellness

You know when you're on the right path when lyrics like this make you freeze in your tracks..."I wanna see our bodies burning like the old big sun. I wanna know what we’ve been learning and learning from". This song, Man on Fire by Edward Sharpe, is every emotion in my heart at the moment, put into four minutes. If you aren't familiar with it, have a listen at the bottom of this blog.

Summer Outfit Ideas For Date Night Or Engagement Shoots

Summer Outfit Ideas For Date Night Or Engagement Shoots

And we're back with more styled guides! I love posting these, because they're not only helpful for my clients, but also they provide me with a reference point as well when I pick new outfits for the season! Whether you're on the hunt for a new date night outfit, or you have an engagement shoot coming up, you can use these ideas to inspire your next ensemble. Look at colors and materials, or copy exactly what's below, either way, you're bound to find a new favorite look with my tips below.