Should you Elope this Summer in Oregon?


Through all the fuss of wedding planning, I often hear brides joke about “just eloping instead”. Maybe even you yourself are asking 'Is elopement right for me?' It seems like a simple solution to an otherwise chaotic event. But here’s the thing, eloping isn’t for everyone, the same way full day weddings aren’t for everyone. If you’re struggling to decide which option is really the best for you, you must first answer these following questions:

One - Will Your Potential Guest List Interfere? 

If you’re like me and have a big family of aunts, grandmas and cousins, think about how you would feel if they weren’t there to hear your vows. There is no right answer, and it’s not to be decided by your family members themselves. If your dream is to elope, you're looking for a compromise, and your family loves a good party, consider holding a “reception-like” event a day or week later!

Two - Is Your Dream Venue Actually a Venue?

One perk of eloping is having the opportunity to be married almost wherever you want. If you and your fiancé are hikers, an obvious option would be to elope at the top of a hill overlooking the city. If you’re surfers or swimmers, a beachside elopement is also meant for you! And, permits are significantly cheaper than large capacity venues. However, if you vision yourself dancing in a dazzling ballroom, eloping seems out of the question. You can also search for Portland venues that hold elopements or small weddings if you'd like something in between.


Three - What Vendors and Services are Your Priority?

If Catering or DJs aren’t on the top of your list, but Photography and Florals are, you could consider putting more of your budget towards the vendors that you will be happiest with. By choosing to elope, your vendor list will shorten dramatically and you can put your dollar to booking your dream vendors without having to sacrifice your solid budget. Don't forget to contact your dream vendors to see if they offer Oregon Elopement packages or services.

Four - Do You Really Want to Elope?

Eloping is a very intimate process, and very rarely involves more than eight people. If a party is important to you, eloping probably isn’t. If decor and bridesmaids are a priority to you, eloping probably isn’t. There is no right or wrong, only preference. Make a list of your pros and cons if you’re seriously considering taking this direction. 



I hope these tips helped clear up some questions, and brought the answers you needed. If you’re still struggling, leave some questions for me in the comments box. You can also ask your favorite Portland vendors what they did personally to gain new perspective.

Five Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon


Okay sure, you're wedding is still seven months away and you haven't even had the time to give much thought to the idea of your honeymoon. But I'm here to tell you that it's never too early to start planning! And that goes for every detail of your wedding. Trust me, the sooner you finish up your honeymoon plans, the more time you have to get excited for it! To make it a little easier, I have five tips that will jump start your planning process so you can have more time to relax.

One: Book Early

Now considering what I just said above, this one might be a given. Especially if you're getting married between the typical "wedding season" (March-Sept). The further you start booking your flights, hotels, and rental cards, not only will it be cheaper, but there will be more options for you to choose from!

Two: Work With A Travel Agent

Often times, they have the inside scoop on where the best deals are. Not to mention they know where the best restaurants are, the best beaches to visit, and what activities are a must during your visit. They, like a wedding planner, will take off a lot of the planning stress that you don't have the time to deal with. Remember, it is supposed to be a vacation after all!

Three: Add Travel To Your Registry

Have plenty of bowls and spoons? Ask your guests to contribute to your honeymoon on your registry instead! Consider hosting your registry on a site like Wanderable or Honeyfund to make it easier to send more cash you way!

Four: Fly From A Smaller Airport

I have my best friend "Hopper" to thank for this tip! Seriously, it's the greatest app, go download it. Instead of flying from your closer, larger airport, consider flying from a smaller hub a few miles outside of your city! You could save a significant amount of money just by flying through a smaller port, and the lines will be a lot more manigable! 

Five: Go All Inclusive

Sites like Groupon and TravelZoo are still successful for a reason: the all inclusive trips. Most cases there is an itinerary to follow, but if you're a go with the flow (and save a bit of $) kinda gal. This is your best bet! I'm also willing to bet you even know someone who has done this before, and loved it. I say it's worth looking into! 


Five Tips for Groom and Groomsmen Formal Wear

Five Tips for Groom and Groomsmen Formal Wear

Today I want to give a little love to the well dressed grooms and groomsmen out there, as well as to those who maybe WANT to be well dressed, but don't know how. This blog is for you! A fitted and well cared for tuxedo or suit will make a world of a difference to the style and elegance of the wedding day. Sure, the decor might look nice, and the dress might bring to you a lot of compliments, but if the guys aren't put together the photos will remind you of the unpreparedness. So today I want to give you five of my best tips to avoid any mishaps and take your gorgeous event to the next level!