Portland Fine Art Boudoir: Lee

There are few things more important to me than empowering women. In my field, not only in boudoir, I work with women who are camera shy, or women that hire me out of obligation and pressure from friends or family. There is nothing more I can do in return than make them feel powerful, beautiful, important, and worth every second. This is what boudoir is. I am a boudoir photographer for the shy girls. I am a boudoir photographer for the girls who aren't afraid to be the boss. I am a boudoir photographer to say thank you to the women who are unashamed of who they were born to be.

So here's Lee. Smart, creative, charming, goofy Lee. When you meet someone who is so driven and inspired, you want to photograph them. At least I do! We rented an Airbnb for the afternoon, along with makeup artist Lydia Flemming, and cheerleader/boudoir model #2, Josie, and totally rocked the session! I mean wow!!! (Oh, and a few weeks before the session, I bought a blue tulle skirt on ASOS that I didn't intend on using for this session, but brought it anyway. Awesome last minute addition, am I right? )

Here are some helpful tips for rocking your own boudoir session: Boudoir is defined as a woman's bedroom or private room. When considering what to wear to a boudoir session, keep this in mind. You could decide to wear a full lingerie set, a robe, or even a tulle skirt. Whatever you choose to wear, don't feel pressured to dress to the nines! Look through your closet and see what you know you look best in.

Here is an outfit change to show some variety. I highly recommend choosing two or three outfits for your session. I encourage you to experiment. Lee brought her scarf!

If you are getting married, bring that ring! Bring that veil! Be you, but also the bride you will be in a few months ;)

And finally, here are some helpful hints for rocking life: Laugh! Jump on the bed! Dance like nobody's watching! It's okay to be the shy girl; I've told you before that I am too. Be okay being you. Be okay being the boss. You are strong, you are creative, you are important, you are beautiful. 

Lots of Love,