Wedding Soirée, a sweet success

On Sunday February 11th, I was so privileged to host a wedding & community open house with my favorite local vendors. We had cake, sparkling cocktails, a photobooth, live music, and more! I am grateful to have had a video crew tag along, Fibre Creative, to share this experience with us because there are no words to communicate how fun, sweet, and intimate the event was. Long gone are the days when brides attend events they can't have a minute with the vendors! 

Please enjoy the quick peek at our event, and keep your eyes out for the announcement for our second! Credited vendors tagged beneath the video.

Plan a "Destination" Engagement

Oregon is a unique state, filled to the brim with adventure and opportunity. Those of us who live in the city of Portland often find ourselves making up excuses not to leave our marvelous parks and sidewalks, especially when it comes to taking photos. When it's time to plan your engagement session, it's easy to think of places within 20 miles that are "good enough" for your photo visions. But have you ever thought about what is outside that perimeter?

Instead of having a "good enough" location for your engagement photos, plan for a destination. I'm not saying catch a plane and have your session in Tokyo, I'm saying choose one of Oregon's fantastic and unique parks or landscapes to make your photo opportunities grander and more delightful. Here are my favorite places outside of Portland to have a destination engagement. 

  • Cannon Beach, 80 Miles
    ow lucky are we to live so close to a beach? And not just any regular beach, but a Pacific Ocean beach. We have rocks, and cliffs, and incomparable views of the ocean. There are private and lesser known nooks along the coastline that are easy to take advantage of when wanting to take engagement photos without a bunch of people to get in the way. 
  • Smith Rock, 142 Miles
    River, cliffs, and fields, Smith Rock is a stunning backdrop that will make you feel very far away from Portland, without an obnoxiously long drive. If you're a lover of state parks and an incredible view no matter where you stand, this is the spot for you
  • Government Cove, 53 Miles
    It's the closest of destinations, Government Cove allows you to enjoy the Columbia Gorge without the extreme winds we get near Hood River. With options to photograph by boulders, trees, or water, this location has Oregon written all over it, without looking too overdone.
  • Trillium Lake, 60 Miles
    Already a favorite camping spot, Trillium Lake is also a great place to take engagement photos. Whether you stand on the lakeside, or take a stroll through the fields, you can't be disappointed! With a stunning view of Mount Hood in the background, you know you're close to home, even if it doesn't feel like it. 


Four Things To Know About Rehearsal Dinners

Four Things To Know About Rehearsal Dinners

Possibly one of the more confusing pieces of wedding planning isn't really for the wedding day, but actually the day before. Rehearsal Dinners are meant to be relaxing, fun, and casual, but there's not much information on the whats and whys of the actual event. So to clarify, I've written a list of commonly asked questions regarding the rehearsal so you can take the pressure off and focus on planning a night to enjoy pre-wedding.  


Have you ever wondered what it's really like at a bridal consultation? Is it anything like Say Yes To The Dress, or is that just tv magic? What about the actual process of finding a wedding dress? There's so much pressure to make the right decision! 

It's because of these questions, concerns, and curiosities that I connected with one of my favorite bridal lines, none other than Anthropologie's BHLDN! One of their consultants, Brielle, of the Portland location took the time to condense her years of knowledge for a Facebook Live video we did last week.