Five Tips for Groom and Groomsmen Formal Wear

Five Tips for Groom and Groomsmen Formal Wear

Today I want to give a little love to the well dressed grooms and groomsmen out there, as well as to those who maybe WANT to be well dressed, but don't know how. This blog is for you! A fitted and well cared for tuxedo or suit will make a world of a difference to the style and elegance of the wedding day. Sure, the decor might look nice, and the dress might bring to you a lot of compliments, but if the guys aren't put together the photos will remind you of the unpreparedness. So today I want to give you five of my best tips to avoid any mishaps and take your gorgeous event to the next level! 

The first things to do once you're engaged

The first things to do once you're engaged

Congratulations babe, you're engaged!!! You ready to tell the world and put that deal all over Facebook? That was rhetorical of course ;) But let's focus for a second, what are you really actually supposed to do once you're engaged? Well do I have the list for you! If you're planning a long engagement, my advice is to start your official planning process about 12 months before your expected wedding date (unless your dream venue books out further). If it's a shorter engagement, it's time to pull out those pens and notepads and pour that coffee! We have a lot of work to do. 

Why You Should Always Test Run Your Wedding Makeup


Kelli Thomsen is a Fine Art Eco Beauty Makeup Artist based here in Portland, Oregon. We connected at the late end of last year and quickly scheduled opportunities to work together. Kelli has studied from some of the most talented industry leaders and uses her skills to create simply and classic looks that highlight the natural beauty of her clients. One of the biggest questions we hear in the wedding community is "Should I do a test run of my makeup and hair?" and the answer is an absolute yes! Kelli is here to tell us why and educate us on the importance of a trial session.

1 - It allows you to let your natural beauty shine

'One of the most valuable things a professional makeup artist brings to the table, besides her arsenal of luxury skin prep and makeup products, is her ability to take the brides natural look and bring out a more polished version.'

2 - You get to work with them before the wedding

'During a trial run, you will have the time to connect with the artist and see the way they work; do they have good natural light, is there a comfortable makeup chair, are the products they use clean, are they being sanitary? Brides also want to choose an artist that leave them with a touch-up kit for lips, helps them put on jewelry, assists with the veil, and all the important extras.

Without this prior connection and ability to communicate needs and see what the artist brings to the table artistry wise, there is no way of knowing how wedding day beauty will take shape. This can create nerves and anxiety that weren't expected and also can leave little time for adjustments the day of. When the trial is set prior, there is a schedule set, so expectations can be met. This creates a very calm and therapeutic beauty space before the ceremony and/or reception.'


3 - Not every bride is the same

'Without a test run, many things can happen on a wedding day that are unforeseen. A common misconception is that makeup artist’s create the same look from bride to bride. A true professional will get to know the skin type, understand sensitivities, know what the bride’s day to day look is, as well as understands what attributes the bride loves about a certain look. This means there is no correct bridal makeup method or cookie cutter option that will work for everyone. It is crucial to have a trial run for this very reason – because there is only one YOU and there is a makeup artist that is meant to help YOU to look your most beautiful!'

4 - You can learn a lot from it, such as:

+ Your skin type and what products to use leading up to the wedding day
+ Your face shapes, eye shapes, and what placement of products is best for your own unique beauty
+ Recommendations on products and tools for daily use, before & after the BIG day
+ Skin Treatments & Eye Treatments that are wonderful for pre-wedding beauty
+ Professional advice on how to schedule the timeline for beauty on the wedding day
+ Recommendations on application of makeup to look good in natural light and flash photography lighting
+ Best-in-class products for touch-ups throughout the wedding day and evening
+ Recommendations for hair styles to work with the makeup look

For more information on what goes on in a trial session, or to connect with Kelli, contact her at!


What to Ask at a Consultation

What to Ask at a Consultation

As you gear up for your upcoming photography consultation, you might be a little nervous as what to ask. Pinterest and large wedding blogs often offer outdated or confusing resources that make it hard to navigate what you are looking for in your services. Maybe the questions you bring to ask end up being information that doesn't pertain to you or your wedding. Instead, create your own list of questions that bring clarity and excitement to your photography booking process. Here are some of my favorite questions to ask and answer at a consultation.