A Big Leap

One week ago today I wrapped one of the craziest decisions I’ve made. After months of planning, thinking, writing, and rewriting (and rewriting and rewriting), I put on my own original comedy play with my friend Carly Woods in Hollywood, California.


None of my “big” decisions, changes, or plans had compared to this one. None of them as scary or insecure. None of them as vulnerable. None of them as exciting.

Like a lot of my big decisions, this one didn’t take much thought. The idea alone felt right. Upon the mention of doing an original show, both our minds went crazy with dreams of what it would look like. Carly jokingly asked “Is it too ambitious to say we would put it up in January?”, which would inspire the title: Is It Too Ambitious?

We typed up a budget, toured the space, bought notebooks, and went out for sushi to discuss what the show would be. We wrote down dozens of different ideas based on the title alone. Would it be about our lives? Our friendship? Would it be a scripted play? Improv? A mesh of two One-Woman shows? The ideas poured.

After about seven (or more) rewrites, we settled on a script. What we found most difficult in the process was how different our senses of humor were. But this script gave us a balance of both. We completed a read through on FaceTime and decided, though tears and laughter, that this was our script.

And last week was the last show. It’s incredible how time just keeps going even after big events. We saw family and friends we hadn’t seen in years. Survived building a ridiculous set. And even got to meet Jeff Goldblum in the process.


As I reflect on the show, it’s unbelievable to me how it all happened. From start to finish. Maybe I'm being dramatic, but I can understand why it's so hard for actors to come up with what to say during their Oscar speech. Who to thank first? I can't just pick a handful of people. There are too many to list, and if I were to start, I'd be afraid of leaving someone out.

So this blog is for every single person who has emailed me, text me, and messaged me your congratulations. For everyone who helped make this INSANE dream come true. I rest knowing I did something daring, bold, and completely out of my comfort zone this year, and killed it. I am so lucky to be able to live my dreams.

I'll be honest, I was nervous to share my acting stories with you for fear of minimizing my photography, but my clients have been SO incredibly supportive of this whole process. My clients are amazing, I love you ALL!

*Cue Applause and La La Land Soundtrack* 

Take it from me, doing the scariest, most insane thing you could ever do is so completely rewarding.

Sweet & Romantic Washington Vineyard Wedding

Sweet & Romantic Washington Vineyard Wedding

I’m often asked if I’ve ever worked for a really mean client. And honest to God, I say never! I bring this up because Kristina and Tyler are 1000% the example of what my clients ARE like. Because my clients aren’t just nice or caring, they go above and beyond in these categories. Arriving to a Wedding, already with pressure on your shoulders, with to two big hearted people greeting and thanking you before you’ve even snapped a picture is the greatest gift I can receive as a photographer. I can’t say enough amazing things about this kind and wonderful couple, and I know it’s in their nature to return the favor.

Sarah + Cameron: Cozy Fall Engagement

Sarah + Cameron: Cozy Fall Engagement

They had the setup of a Hallmark movie. Boy and girl meet in college and fall in love over an adventurous dinner that would soon become their favorite. Except without the cheesy music, the bad dialogue, and a magic old lady who casts a spell of love from across the room. Don’t lie, you’ve seen movies like that!

Sarah and Cameron met at Linfield in their freshman year. You can tell by the way they smile at each other that they shared a lot of laughs back then. Laughter is one of the most important ingredients of love, next to care, compassion, and selflessness, of which they both share all.

How To Plan A Successful Styled Shoot

How To Plan A Successful Styled Shoot

When you log into Instagram, you are instantly flooded with inspirational images and motivational quotes. Whether or not you’re following other photographers, you’re likely scrolling past dozens of styled shoots by dozens of different accounts every few swipes. No matter how common they are, we really aren’t seeing a decline in popularity. The truth is, styled shoots are happening more and more often by the day.