Katie Dessin

Portland, Oregon Film + Digital Wedding Photography


As a kid, I told myself I would never have a desk job. Before I finished elementary school I was an actor, painter, writer, and director. If it was creative, I wanted to try it. However, it wasn't until 2008 when I took my first film photography class, that I would discover the career I was truly made for.
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Photography is my passion, weddings are my pleasure. I am eager to capture the happiest point in a person’s life, because love just feels so good. I shoot with my partner Jem, who is a Communications Design student. He has an eye for the detail. I have an eye for the story. Together our skills create memories. I couldn’t imagine being a wedding photographer without my own love by my side. 

We use film, in addition to digital cameras, as a tool to tell your story through a classic and timeless medium. The grain and color are charming benefits of film, but I also love the way it slows me down to capture the raw and romantic emotions of a wedding day. 

If you’re engaged (and congratulations!), I’d love to meet with you and your fiancé over Happy Hour so I can hear about your love story. You can send me an email at katie@katiedessinphotography.com! I’d also love to see you on my Instagram @katiedessinphoto where I share my blog posts & updates. Can’t wait to meet you!



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