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As a kid, I told myself I would never have a desk job. Before I finished elementary school I was an actor, painter, writer, and director. If it was creative, I wanted to try it. However, it wasn't until 2008 when I took my first film photography class, that I would discover the career I was truly made for.

Photography is my passion, weddings are my pleasure. I am eager to capture the happiest point in a person’s life, because love just feels so good. I shoot with my boyfriend and life partner, Jem, who is a Communications Design student. He has an eye for the detail. I have an eye for the story. Together our skills create memories. I couldn’t imagine being a wedding photographer without my own love by my side. 

We use film, in addition to digital cameras, as a tool to tell your story through a classic and timeless medium. The grain and color are charming benefits of film, but I also love the way it slows me down to capture the raw and romantic emotions of a wedding day. 

If you’re engaged (and congratulations!), I’d love to meet with you and your fiancé over Happy Hour so I can hear about your love story. You can send me an email at! I’d also love to see you on my Instagram @katiedessinphoto where I share my blog posts & updates. Can’t wait to meet you!

I like...

I like Ristretto Roasters, dark chocolate, and hot salsa. I like soy candles, Spanish wine, and warm socks. I like cuddling with my cat, flower departments, and taking walks through my neighborhood. I like humpback whales, chai lattes, and the color blue.

i believe in...

I believe in days off, naps, and bubble baths. I believe in patience, smiling, and good customer service. I believe in what I do and where I'm going. I believe in success, failure, and following your dreams. I believe in morning meditation, fireside chats, and reading good books.

I'm happiest when...

I'm happiest when I've had enough sleep and the coffee is brewed. I'm happiest when the sun shines on my days off. I'm happiest when I arrive early to events and when there are snack bars. I'm happiest near the ocean when you hear the sound of waves. I'm happiest when I get to shop for others and can plan surprises. I'm happiest when you believe in me and what I do. I'm happiest when I get to run my business. I'm happiest when I get to take photos for my home. I'm happiest when I'm around people who are happy.


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